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non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It is thought that exposure to allergens - from cats and dogs ▓- could boost the immune system.The immune-boosting power of pets is something that McNicholas has also investigated. In 2002,

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Meanwhile, a study in Japan found that pet owners over the age of 65 made almo▓st a third fewer visits to their doctor than people the ▓same age who didn't have pets.Chinese Hong Kong women fencers stun China to take 2 goldsBEIJIN▓G, Sept. 16 (Xin

hua) -- Chinese Hong Kong women f▓encers stole the limelight as they took all the two gold medals on offer on Tuesday's wheelchair fencing competitions at the Beijing Paralympics, ending China's gold medal monopoly on Monday.After Tuesday's events, Chin▓a led the medal standings with five golds, five silvers and one bronze. Capping two golds on Tuesday, Chinese Hong Kong won three golds, one silver and two bronze to stay in the second place. Belarus and France shared the third position with one silver apiece.In women's individual foil Category A, Y▓u Chui-yee of Chinese Hong Kong did no

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y proudest moment of my life. I give my thanks to the Chinese audience for their support," Yu told the press.World No. 1 Yu suffered a sh▓ock defeat in the epee Cat. A final on Mon▓day.The 24-year-old Yu showed strong winning determination ▓in foi

l as she made a brave recovery after she t▓railed Zhang 5-10, turning the table 13-12. Though bo▓th of the foilists tied at 13-all, Yu continued her momentum to win two decisive points, upsetting Zhang 15-13 to make amends."When I was left behind at the beginning of the bout, I concentrated on the match and wanted to catch up with Zhang, calmly and step by step."Yu is a first year post-graduate student in the Hong Kong Chinese Uni▓versity, majoring in sports administration."When I get▓ tired of training, I can read books and s▓tudy. I chose this major because I want to do something for th

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